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Hungry Feet
My heart is exhausted, beating faster than my feet
Sweating more than ever, trying to be as swift as I can be.
I'm trying to outrun him and he's only getting faster
He knows that I'm losing, I can hear his wicked laughter.
His pace is getting faster and I know that I am doomed.
Nature seems to empathize as the skies above me gloom.
He soon catches up to me as I'm just about to quit.
He pokes me in the back and says, "Tag, you're it!"
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Picture Perfect
Mother's putting on her favorite lipstick. Father's fixing his new shirt and pulling up his tie. My older brother's flaunting his ray ban glasses and my big sis is piling up pretty bracelets on her wrist.
The photographer gets his camera ready and motions everyone to get in place.
I'm sitting between my mom and dad on the couch and my brother and sister sit on it's arms at the side.
He turns the bright lights on and looks at us and says "You're such a cute family. You guys look perfect."
But only I know what's really going in this picture. And let me just say, it's far from perfect.
My mother was putting on her lipstick only to hide her dry, dark lips. Darkened from smoking too much weed.
My dad was pulling up his collar and fixing his tie to hide a few hickeys. The marks of his infidelity and deceit.
My brother was only wearing his shades to hide his dark circles that came from all those nights he spent crying himself to sleep.
My sister was stacking up bracelets to hide the scars on
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
The Psycho Ward
Locked up,
Against her will.
Shut her up,
with tiny pills.
False accusation.
They think she's a freak.
Frightened eyes and
Tears on her cheek.
Pounding fists,
And silent screams.
All their faces,
Haunting her dreams.
Troubled mind.
But she's not crazy.
Tortured Soul,
So she just may be.
Built-up anger.
Broke her Chains.
Lashed out and
Eased her pain.
No life stirred,
Near or far.
"So what if I'm crazy?
The best ones are."
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
She was just a poor little girl. She always kept to herself. She never really told anyone how she ever felt. She had the bad habit of bottling things up inside of her and fitting the cork too tight. That was her way of dealing with things.
But people took her silence as a sign of submission and always took the liberty to push her around. She would never speak nor stand up for herself. She was too nice for that. But that only made things easier for them. They were like a virus, eating into her soul till there was nothing left. They had taken everything thing from her leaving her entirely empty on the inside. They never changed and she just got worse with time.
I was always scared that there would come a day where she would be pushed past her limits, and she wouldn't be able to take it. I was scared that she would break beyond repair. Today was that day.
She rushed into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. I could hear her back sliding down against the door and the painful cries
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 2 0
Man of my dreams
He's absolutely perfect, could've never asked for more
He is that kind of guy, that every girl hopes for.
He's got deep blue eyes and a contagious sweet smile
A well defined body and a great sense of style.
Whenever I am with him, I'm nothing short of happy
And whatever our love is, it's surely far from sappy.
He gets along with everyone and he's not afraid of my folks.
He writes me cute poems and he laughs at my stupid jokes.
When we burst into a duet, he sings perfectly off-key
But every time he laughs, it's a sweet melody.
He calls me beautiful even when I look like crap
He never judges me and not once has he snapped.
When I'm swearing at him, he cuts me off mid-way
By telling me that he loves me, so everything is okay.
He never gets jealous, because he already knows,
That I love him more than anything, through our highs and our lows.
But there still is one problem though, and it hurts me to say
He feels so close to me, yet he's so far away.
We can never be together, because he is c
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
Plague of Opinions
They kept telling her what to do and how to do it
They kept telling her that what she was doing was wrong
They kept telling her that she can never achieve anything
They kept telling her that she was the worst of all
They kept telling her to be who she wasn't
They kept telling her that all she does is screw up
They kept telling her that she is not worth it
But fortunately, she was a bad listener.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 0 0
Till death do us part
As young boys, they told each other that they would grow up together.
But as soldiers of different countries, war turned them against each other as they both pulled their triggers on one another.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
Cheesy Love...or Not
She believed love was like magic.
Casting spells on each other and constantly trying to get them under control.
Treating the other like a voodoo doll.
Manipulative, deceptive, and fake.
That's what love was to her. Coz that's what he did to her.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
The Souvenir
She didn't want this to be a one-time thing.
She didn't want something temporary.
She didn't want it to be just for fun.
She wanted more than that.
She needed it to be meaningful.
She needed it to be worth it.
She needed it to last forever and for eternities to come.
So, she went and got herself a tattoo.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 0
Three Words
We sat by the ocean, waves crashing against the shore.
He said he had something that was killing him to the core.
He slowly put my hand in his and looked me in the eyes
He shot me a sweet smile, that gave me butterflies
I prayed for the three words, that would unlock my heart.
The three words that would make sure we were never torn apart.
He was itching to tell me something and he started trembling.
"Its okay", I assured him "You can tell me anything."
He looked at me and smiled, a hint of hope in his face
I cherished the moment as my heart began to race.
I've always had a liking for him, but I never let it show.
My heart started beating faster than I'd ever known.
"I've always wanted to tell you this, but I never had the guts."
"But it's about time I let it out, no more ifs, ands or buts"
He took a deep breath and finally said the three words.
However it's not eight but six letters that I heard.
It took a minute to register, it's not what I had thought.
"I am Gay" he said, and I colla
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 2 4
The Dance unto his Heart
A hired vile assassin, spotted his assigned target
She was alone in the woods, she wasn't much of a hard hit
As her sweet music played, so elegantly she danced
He watched her with awe, in a momentary trance
She swayed to the music, gentle steps with such grace
He watched from the bushes, with his weapon in place
An unknown desire bloomed, as she waltzed upon his heart
He couldn't even look away, she was such a work of art
Her eyes shone like gems and her smile lit up his world
She moved around with passion, across him she spun and twirled
He'd come out here to kill her, stone-hearted and cold
But when he saw her out there, he lost all control
But he had a job to finish, and he couldn't let them down
So he buried his heart and shot her, as she fell to the ground
It killed him on the inside, he shed a tear as she bled
"Its nothing personal dear, just profession" he said.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 0 0
Just a Little Girl
She's just a little girl. She is new to the real world.
Wonder and hope brimming in her eyes. Innocently believes in the beauty of life.
She believes in mermaids, and dragons, and unicorns.
She believes in magic, in sorcery and the seventh sense.
She believes in Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.
She believes in Jackpots under rainbows and silver linings around clouds.
She believes in Lucky Charms, horseshoes and black cats.
She believes in angels, demons and in god.
She believes in monsters, trolls and friendly aliens.
She believes in the after life, in rebirth and in fate.
Her imagination is so vibrant and incredible, that reality bores her. Her world is tainted with shades of black and white, but she dreams in color. She has created her own little paradise of a world inside her head, that she refuses to break out of.
Little does she know that her little world is on the verge of ruins. That her cute, little bubble is bound to be burst by the true horrors of life.
Because th
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I'm weird. So what?
There are these times when I do something totally out of the ordinary, and my friends almost immediately tell me, "that cant be normal" and that I'm just incredibly weird.
The other day when I told my friend that I wanted to dye my hair purple some day, she was  just like, "Umm, why don't you just dye it in normal colors, like normal people do?".
That got me to thinking. What is normal? What does it really mean? Is is that what majority do is considered to be normal? That can't be fair. How can you judge what 'normal' is based on what most people do yet some people don't.
What 'normal' could really mean is, perhaps, biologically and psychologically proved human tendencies. But I don't think that it's a scientifically proven tendency of humans  to crave chocolate, or to love music or for girls to love pink, or to whatever it is that is supposed to be "normal".  Then why is it that when I don't comply to these set standards of normality, that I am called 'weird' or branded
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 0 0
The Murder of Jordan Belle
She drank, she partied, she had a hell of a night
She was so drunk, she was in extreme delight
Don't know when she passed out, but she woke up on the floor
She didn't remember a thing 'bout what happened the night before
She slowly rubbed her eyes, looked around for her friends
But everyone had left, and it didn't make any sense.
Though she was alone, she knew she'd be alright
But that was only till, she saw the gruesome sight
Lying next to her, was the body of Jordan belle
He was more than just dead, and she got scared as hell
Jordan was her classmate, her enemy and her ex
Her day was getting worse, what could possibly happen next
She couldn't believe someone killed him, his throat had been slit
But why was she alone? There was something strange to it.
She tried hard to remember, what the hell had happened here
But to her dismay, her hangover was quite severe
She remembered they had a fight, but nothing bout whats next
Then it suddenly struck her, and the thought had her vexed
She sta
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 1 3
Crushed Hopes and Shattered Dreams
"People are the prettiest when they talk about something they really love, with passion in their eyes", someone said. I couldn't agree more.
I loved watching her talk about her interests. The enthusiasm in her tone. The aspiration in her words. The spirit in her smile. The gleam in her eyes. The passion so real, so strong, that you would think it could never die.
But that fiery spirit of hers is dimmed by those who expect more from her. Those who expect her to be better than she can be and more than she wants to be. Those who claim to have understood her, as a person and as a daughter. But in actual fact, they don't know the half of her.
They never got the privilege of watching her talk of her passion. Hell, they don't even know her passion. But even if they could, they wouldn't want to know, because it wouldn't matter to them. It means absolutely nothing to them.
They have caged her dreams and desires and they hope to keep it that way forever, for in their eyes, they are but a mere di
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 0 0
The Girl from the Past
Maybe she's not the most beautiful girl I'd seen,
But to be able to look at her face, everyday, was enough for me.
I believed she was beautiful, on the inside too,
And everything about her, made me a love-struck fool.
A couple of years passed, and I never forgot how I felt,
Hoping that one day, I could finally make her heart melt.
After what seemed like ages, when I finally met her again,
I felt like I had misjudged her, like she was different back then.
I realized that over these years, she definitely had changed,
And I no longer felt attracted to her; it was beyond strange.
I felt my heart falter, and shatter like glass,
As the girl I fell in love with, lived only in the past.
I felt my heart slowly, fall into an abyss,
For there was only one girl, I longed for and missed.
The girl from the past, that she once used to be,
The girl from the past, that was special, to me.
:icondevilwithahalo99:DevilwithaHalo99 0 0


Butterfly on a feline nose by Valrunie Butterfly on a feline nose :iconvalrunie:Valrunie 55 28 To Gain by AuroraLion To Gain :iconauroralion:AuroraLion 309 21 Cat zentangle by AsyFrank Cat zentangle :iconasyfrank:AsyFrank 71 12 Zentangle  by ambermariaalice Zentangle :iconambermariaalice:ambermariaalice 46 6 Butterflies and Braids by Cassmonsta Butterflies and Braids :iconcassmonsta:Cassmonsta 149 31 To Write A Song...  (Commission) by TheLonelyMaiden To Write A Song... (Commission) :iconthelonelymaiden:TheLonelyMaiden 14 0
Those sounds...
It's a terrifying thing to be lost.
Lost inside of your own mind.
Drowning in a pool of thought's.
Praying for a savior,
Scribbling on paper.
Trying to shut out the voice's,
Only I can hear.
I have something that rattles my bones.
Scratches at the sides of my fragile skull.
Infecting my thought's.
A monster inside,
A demon beneath.
I have something inside of my soul.
I tell no lie,
It control's my mind.
And it's difficult to explain.
Hard to revel.
My heart is unable to feel.
Cause this isn't who I am.
I'm actually a sweet person.
Why am I always stretching the edge.
I come so close to death.
I'm still here.
There's got to be a reason.
There has to be a reason as to why,
He keep's bring me back.
I fear I wont ever be able to see a bright side.
I fear,
I'll one day succeed.
What has he got up his sleeve?
:iconopen-mic-poetry:Open-Mic-Poetry 6 7
Patterned Panda Zentangle by AmandaRuthArt Patterned Panda Zentangle :iconamandaruthart:AmandaRuthArt 55 7
“What’s on your arm? What’s on your thigh?”
I scratched myself, darling—but I will be fine.
“What’s on your wrist? And why do you cry?”
Oh, silly—they’re signals, they’re my warning signs.
“Why are there tears coming out from your eyes?”
They show that I’m breaking. My laugh’s a disguise.
“What’s on your forearm? What’s on your mind?”
I’ll be okay, darling.
I just wish to die.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 224 24
P H Y R O by GeorgeXVII P H Y R O :icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 233 49 A T A C K by GeorgeXVII A T A C K :icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 279 76 Peacock by rainylake Peacock :iconrainylake:rainylake 497 69 Fresh Fruit by rainylake Fresh Fruit :iconrainylake:rainylake 1,627 301
Sleeping Beauty
A magic unspoken;
a spell that is broken.
Away flies her dreams into silver streaked skies.
A girl that has woken
by kiss, just a token
of love from a prince who has tears in his eyes.
Forgotten thorns scattered
on earth; nothing mattered,
His flesh bramble-caught, pulled taut till it tore
His heart pitter-pattered.
A glass coffin shattered;
shard diamonds glittered the dress that she wore.
The sun blessed them both
as the pair plight their troth;
away slid the brambles at first light of dawn.
For love and their oath
had banished the growth
from the curse cast in past, so wickedly sworn.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 30 36
She sang to the sun from her ivory tower;
one thousand minutes were trapped in each hour.
A nightingale listened outside jealously
as her notes reached the sky where it joined to the sea.
The trees held her song thro’ each winter and fall
thro’ summer and spring it reached out as a call
to be rescued, released from her ivory tower,
where one thousand minutes were caught in each hour.
Her dreams lingered long and by night beguiled
with hope to appeal to her innermost child,
secluded, deluded with sweet naivety
as she sailed on a dream ship way out to sea.
Days went to months that struggled thro’ years;
the tower room flooded with all of her tears,
that flowed from the window where a river ran free
and was seen by a prince who was sailing at sea.
From a ship he espied this gold flowing river;
impelled by some force he sailed to it hither
ran thro’ a land of dragon-filled danger
to rescue a maiden, who was but a stranger.
She looked from her window, beheld the prin
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 15 16
White queen (2) by Swan-Lake White queen (2) :iconswan-lake:Swan-Lake 50 0


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My heart is exhausted, beating faster than my feet
Sweating more than ever, trying to be as swift as I can be.

I'm trying to outrun him and he's only getting faster
He knows that I'm losing, I can hear his wicked laughter.

His pace is getting faster and I know that I am doomed.
Nature seems to empathize as the skies above me gloom.

He soon catches up to me as I'm just about to quit.
He pokes me in the back and says, "Tag, you're it!"


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